Ornamental Tree Pruning

Specialty Pruning


Young Tree Pruning:  Pruning to develop proper structure in young trees.

Fruit Tree Pruning:  Home orchard pruning of apple, peach, pear, plum and cherry trees.

Vista Pruning:  Selective removal of branches to provide or enhance a specific view.  Vista pruning is a common pruning technique practiced on landscapes located near the shore.

Pollarding:  Pruning back nearly to the trunk to stimulate production of a dense mass of branches.

Espalier:  A combination of pruning and training a tree to grow flat against a wall or lattice.

Pleaching:  A combination of pruning and training to form a braid or weave.

Topiary:  A combination of pruning and training to encourage climbing of trees, shrubs and vines into ornamental shapes.


With the increasing popularity of young trees, fruit trees, exotic varieties and desirable views being incorporated into your landscapes, K & S Tree Care offers a variety of specialty pruning techniques.

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