Deep Root Fertilization

Plant Health Care – Deep Root Fertilization


No Long Island landscape has a perfect soil structure.  The natural process of a tree’s nutrient replacement is so often disrupted by normal landscape maintenance practices such as spring and fall clean ups.  Because of this disruption, limited root space and improper tree selection and placement, trees and shrubs in suburban landscapes often require Deep Root Fertilization.


Deep Root Fertilization is the introduction of a professionally customized blend to correct specific deficiencies or meet the nutritional needs of your trees and shrubs.  To avoid decline and attain full growth and aesthetic potential, your trees and shrubs should be fertilized annually or bi-annually, depending upon the species and location.


Deep Root Fertilization also aids in alleviation of compacted rhizospheres, otherwise known as root zones.  By injecting material under pressure, directly into the critical root zone, Deep Root Fertilization not only supplies nutrients, but improves soil conditions allowing for an enhanced supply of oxygen and water.

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