Integrated Pest Management

Long Island Tree Care

IPM For Trees & Shrubs   Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecological approach to horticultural pest control.  IPM integrates insecticides and fungicides into a management system incorporating a wide range of practices for effective control of insects and disease.  Our highly trained experts use a series of evaluations, decisions…

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Plant Insect Management

Insect Management   Long Island is home to hundreds of species of plant feeding insects.  Every year, your landscape experiences new cycles of insect pest infestations.  Insect infestation can cause severe plant tissue damage, negatively affecting the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs.  Our team, having extensive training…

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Plant Disease Management

Disease Management   Diagnosis of your tree or shrub Recommend a program to treat the disease To avoid future issues ask us about our spray programs Make sure to start your program when spring starts even if you are having fewer treatments done   Plant diseases are an impairment of…

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